darío basso

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exhibitions at arthobler




soil, group show

2009a nau do argonauta
2007alma química de almanecer
2004texto fósil


darío basso uses paint as raw material, works it with his hands, reinforcing the compulsive and immediate gesture. the results are experimentalisms of nature’s manifestations in social and cultural life, works of timeless character that pay tribute to the contemporary person, as a logical and clear speech speaks of the human being or of the human being on earth. influenced by his many travels, dario basso refers to the social and cultural relations, the interplay of cultures, reflects on the human condition, the culture and the nature.

always remaining true to his typical material aesthetic, basso uses not only thickly applied acrylic and oil paints but also dried leaves, heightening the impression of depth still further.

the optical effect of the roughened, in parts almost furrowed surfaces of the paintings, is strengthened through the addition of marble sand. the direct and indirect influence of nature on the paintings is the consequence of creating them outdoors. exposed in this way to the elements, they are the result of the collaboration between the artist and extraneous influences: animals, wind, rain and sunshine have all left their mark on canvases, just as much as the paintbrushs and the palette knifes.