Filippos Tsitsopoulos



Painting is poetry in Silence, Poetry is spoken painting

W. E. Lessing

video installation, performance and lexture for

Josef Kaempf

When we make ourselves known to others as a "representation", then in effect we exist "only in representation”, as the most part of objects and animals from a collection in a museum. While theatricality can involve "rigidity or repetitiveness", its "empty rituals" can be avoided if we contribute to them "the novelty of our own experience". The movements of the self can and must indeed be utilized to overcome the rigidity and emptiness of theatricality.

 The authentic becomes the opposite of the theatrical. A duality between “life” and its marital mimesis: the “drama or theatre”.

 Filippos Tsitsopoulos is  constructing a system of performative  works, as independent ways of thought and reflection on concepts derived from the new visual live theater and painting.

 Conflicts, standing upon and beyond human soul and awareness of fate, are the subject of Tsitsopoulos who, based on a theatrical background, responds to these issues with video performance and photography.

 Attempt  to dress and undress the "face", stripping the expression on it. Filippos Tsitsopoulos is projecting videos with talking figures singing madrigal lyrics and cut up technique with theatrical texts. In other words he is dressing up  the portraits and his self with feelings, music, sound and theatre, creating a parallel universal performative story of each one of these portrait paintings. The skin and the matter as a binder of the image and of the human face’s feelings and manifestation. A constant interlacing feast. In the same way that Arcimboldo makes a dress for the human face  that is nothing but the very face of nature in the human mirror; Beckett undresses it with nudity and cruelty. It is the iconography of the aura, of all that solid things that melted in the air. Reliquaries of an Empire Dust. The misery of love, gods and theophagy, the tragedy, the nature that could assist undeterred extermination of the human race. Death and redemption. A history shaped overlay video, photography, painting, performance and theatricality. A canon defying mental and  facial anatomy with the instantaneous languages both Sisyphic and Promethean, both performative of these new beings of the self made of painting and theatre who carrying their own video history permanently etched on their face! It is necessary to create a flexible mask, to get a new face at a time, to liberate your senses, although that means to construct a lie from a truth, which is your own face, and with this new "face - lie" to start, by telling the truth.