Greek artist living between Madrid, Liverpool and Athens.

A visual thinker that offers a good analysis of the current world starting from a cultured compilation of almost all the Arts of the Past. His beginnings are on the floor of the family home, where the artist's father stretched rolls of paper so that his child could paint with markers without "feeling limitations of sizes". This fact is the key to understand the intensive use of techniques and disciplines that bring him to pronounce his own artistic discourse based on analytical tribute to the history of art.

Filippos Tsitsopoulos is an installation, video theatre and performance media artist who has worked in the field of interactive theatre installation art exploring the limits of performance as well as in painting since 1990. His practice engages the spectator/participant to a new theater or rather a system of including theater as a catalyst of our daily life Concepts that belongs to the theatre, traditional theatre, modern theatre are applying to visual arts observing the effects that these concepts can produce in the "image" as plasticity behaviour.With the use of self made masks made from living materials and animals or plants is constructing parallel equivalents that enclose and juxtaposing temporally disproportionate elements.

His video installations have been exhibited in a numerous exhibitions and art fairs and events



1991 Master on Irony in Art, Department of Fine Arts, University Complutense of Madrid, Scholarship of Fundación Eugenides

1990 Graduated in Fine Arts at University of Aristotelion, Tesalonica

1988 Eramus at University of Fine Arts in Berlin



2014 The Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai, Performance and Video Installation, The BlueCoat, Liverpool, UK

2014 The Grimaces Competition, Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2014 The Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai, Paradise Is the New Hell, Video and Performance Installation, Papay Gyros Festival 2014, Orkney, Scotland

2013 The Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai, Performance and Video Installation, Empire Project Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 The Food Itself, Canvas and Cream Gallery, London, UK

2013 Paradise Is the New Hell, Batagianni Gallery, Athens, Greece

2013 The Food Itself, Performance and Video Installation, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool, UK

2012 Sacrificio - Pelegrinatio 2012, Curator Fernando Castro Florez, Valencia, Spain

2012 Metabolism of Forms - The Cabinet of Curiosities of Mr. Bonsai, Hunterian Museum, London, UK

2012 Theatricality of Edmund Trauma Berg, Video Performance, Tempus Arti 2012, Flanders, Belgium

2012 Craze, Video Theatre Installation, Podium DAK, Geldrop, Netherlands

2012 Camouflage Art War, Stadt Galerie, Salzburg, Austria

2012 The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale, Video Theatre Installation,

Papay Gyros Festival 2012, Bergen, Norway; Orkney, Scotland; Hong Kong, China

2011 Feldeinsamkeit, BONE 14, Festival für Aktionskunsk in Bern, Cur. Norbert Klassen, Berna, Swiss

2011 Just a Laugh, Just a Cry, Video Installation, FACT, Liverpool, UK

2011 The Kunst Camera, Performance and Video Installation, Hunterian Museum, London, UK

2011 Tonight we Love Each Other, Performance and Video Installation, Festival Dimitria, Tesalónica, Greece

2011 Marat-Sade, Performance, presentación Festival Óptica, Casa Encendida, Madrid

2011 Feldeinsamkeit, The Empire Project, Istanbul, Turkey

2011 The Art Kammer, Instituto Jovellanos, Gijón

2010 The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

2010 The Monologue of St Whale the Bomber, Csa La Tabacalera, Festival Óptica, Madrid

2010 La Luna, un Agujero en el Cráneo del Mundo, Contemporary Art Day, Studio Ra Gallery, Rome, Italy

2010 La Luna, un agujero en el cráneo del mundo, Las Naves, ATM Gallery, Gijón

2010 The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale, CAM - Casoria Contemporary Museum, Casoria, Italy

2010 The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale, Galería Dolores de Sierra, Madrid

2010 Arcimboldo’s One day Performance at Van Gogh house, Satellite Event of the London Biennale, London, UK

2009 Il mio ben, Performance, Casa Encendida, Óptica Festival, Madrid

2009 Project CRAZE, Tempus Arti, Cur. Jan Hoet, Dirk Lambrechts y Tim Cleuren, Flandes, Belgium

2009 Paint with reality, Tragaluz Digital, Tenerife

2008 Craze Feldeinsamkeit, Galería Batagianni, Athens, Greece

2008 Fea y Frágil Belleza de la Locura, ATM Gallery, Gijón

2007 Les Bourgeois de Calais, Performance, Neue National Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2007 Goya Prophet der Moderne, Galería Tráfico de Arte, León

2007 Jelly and Sugar - Craze, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2006 Strawberry Gods, Bienale de Austria, Klagenfurt, Austria

2006 Flowerman, Tempus Arti. Flandes, Belgium

2005 Goya Prophet der Moderne, performance, Alten National Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2005 Liquid Flowers, Galería Carmen La Calle. Jerez de la Frontera and Madrid

2005 Pantheistick Art, Sleeping Dogs Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2004 A Drop of Dust a Grain of Water, Cruce, Madrid

2004 Liquid and Melted, Galería Dolores de Sierra, Madrid

2004 Sweet Dumpness, Batagianni Gallery, Athens, Greece

2004 A drop of dust a grain of water, Berliner Kunst Project, Berlin, Germany

2004 Drop Natures on the Water, Liverpool Biennial, A Foundation, Liverpool, UK

2004 Gominolas y Azúcar, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2003 Truth and Lies, Greek Institute of Culture, Berlin, Germany

2003 Splash over Memories, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2003 Truth and Lies, Galería Dolores de Sierra, Madrid

2002 Carnival, Luke and A Gallery, London, UK

2002 Carnival, Van Vallenhoven Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2001 La Adivinanza, Galería Belarde 20, Madrid

1999 The Winds, Galería Van Vallenhoven, Brussels, Belgium

1999 The Winds, Galería Kreonidis, Athens, Greece

1999 The Winds, Art Forum - Vilka Gallery. Tesalónica, Greece

1998 El Corazón es una Víscera Asquerosa, Centro Vafopoulio, Tesalónica, Greece, 1995 The End of the Summer, Galería Titanium, Athens, Greece


2013 Artists of the Gallery, Kir Royal Gallery, Valencia, Spain

2013 4thBiennale of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece

2012 Exclusive Editions Print Kir Royal Gallery Valencia

2012 Roots en Medio de la Tierra, KIR ROYAL GALLERY, Valencia, Spain

2012 Do it yourself III, Galería OFF LIMITS, Madrid

2011 Sexexplosion, Cooperativa Booze Athens, Greece

2011 Simbiosis-Ariston, XV Bienal del Mediterráneo, Tesalónica, Rome, Casablanca, Greece, Italy and Morocco

2011 Dové il Mio Bén, AND Festival, Liverpool, UK

2011 Funeral Sentences, Óptica Festival, Casa Encendida, Madrid

2011 BEST OF, Fondazione Puglisi Consentino, Catania, Italy

2011 LOOP, Óptica Festival, Barcelona

2011 Protest against Famine, Galería Begoña Malone, Madrid

2011 Allegory of the Cave, Quattrocentometriquadri Gallery, Ancona, Italy

2011 Strawberry Garden Face, El Punto del Carmen, Valencia

2011 Performances and Video Art, Weber Lutgen, Sevilla

2010 The Madrigal of the Explosion of the Wise Whale, Liverpool Biennial Independents (Stigmergy), Liverpool, UK

2010 BONE 13, Festival für Aktionskunsk in Bern, Video Proyección, Berna, Swiss

2010 2º Encuentro Cuerpo a Cuerpo, La Regenta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2010 Sweet Sheets (Move to Modica), Palazzo della Cultura di Modica, Modica, Italia

2010 Septenio, Creación y Cultura, Casa Canarias, Madrid

2010 Heavy Duty, New York, Paris, Valencia, 2010

2010 The Open Mind of Lefkadio Hern, ACG Art, Athens, Greece

2009 Feldeinsamkeit Tonight, Vios, Performance Festival, Athens, Greece

2009 Feldeinsamkeit Tonight, ART Athina, Programa de video, Athens, Greece

2009 Acaf, NY 09, Dolores de Sierra Gallery, New York, USA

2009 Feldeinsamkeit Tonight, Photo Miami, Dolores Sierra Gallery, Miami, USA

2009 Transfer Lounge, Space, Pittsburgh, USA

2009 Espacio Enter, TEA, Tenerife

2009 A Compass Needle for Our Starry Universe, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo, Italy

2008 Out of Time, Axell Lapp Projects, Berlin, Germany

2008 New collections, CAM - Casoria Contemporary Museum, Casoria, Italy

2008 Magmart. Video under the volcano, Mención especial, CAM - Casoria Contemporary Museum, Casoria, Italy

2008 The Immaterial Body, Huuto Gallery, Helsinki, 2008

2008 Topos-Topoi, Museo Macedonio de Arte Moderno, Athens and Tesalónica, Greece

2008 Cheap Like Wow, UAMO 08, Cur. Johannes Blank, Munich, Germany

2007 Global Art Video [email protected] new delhi, La Sala Naranja, Nueva Delhi, India

2007 Festival MEM, La Sala Naranja, Bilbao

2007 BAC07, La Sala Naranja, Barcelona

2007 Alter Arte, Centro Parraga, Murcia

2007 301 Overtoon, La Sala Naranja, Amsterdam, Holland

2007 Feis Festival, Tráfico de Arte, León

2007 Comer, Sede Principado de Asturias, Madrid

2006 Drawings, Galería Batagianni. Athens, Greece

2005 Fragments, 291 Gallery, London, UK

2005 100 Artists for a Museum, CAM - Casoria Contemporary Museum, Casoria, Italy

2005 Froggy Art, Bayenalle 2005, San Francisco, USA

2005 Unclaimed Luggage, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid

2003 The Rape of Europe, Luke & A Gallery, London, UK

2003 1986-1990, Stigma Gallery, Athens, Greece

2002 Memory and Despicte, Stigma Gallery, Athens, Greece

2002 Chaos, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, London, UK

2002 Maravillas III, Galería Belarde 20, Madrid

2000 After the Rain, Tempus Arti, Flandes, Belgium

1999 Alexandros Iolas Collection, Museo Macedonio de Arte Moderno, Tesalónica, Greece