paulo neves

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exhibitions at arthobler


2012Soil, Group show
2004deixo as asas

paulo neves works and develops a hybrid form of artistic expression that unites global awareness with personal and local culture, always very close to nature and to a simple way of life, to traditions and rural feelings.

the sculptural work of paulo neves is divided essentially in two phases. the first phase, in the 1980s and until the mid-1990s, where the face was an iconographic element, and a second stage, where this element has gradually lost ground. from the works that represented monolithic faces, to works where the faces are just a small feature, almost like a signature, paulo neves was adopting a more refined aesthetic language, striating the surfaces of the sculptures in stone or wood with spiral lines, and later parallel lines.

series of works like angels, impressions, wheels and hollows opened the way to the most recent bio-graphies in which, through parallel ringlike lines, paulo neves highlights the time marks in logs of centenarian wood, aged and exhausted. he creates a new life in the wood with respect and exuding its natural forms, exterior and interiorly, rescuing them from death.