rómulo celdran

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2011the solo project basel



“the reality does not exist. what we know as real is the physico-chemical mental process that allows us to perceive the exterior as and how we do. we decode the light vibration and what we get is the socalled reality.

even so, when placed before the artistic-creative phenomena, i see the functioning of the mental gears as a huge abstract collage of decomposition, not only of colors, but also of elements that configure the perception. then the artist, inadequately labled as realist (even if we admit such a convention), reinterprets that mental abstraction and materializes it, through the proper technique, in an artistic object which ceases to be a copy of that reality’s fragment in order to convert itself in decoding, analysis and reinterpretation and later plasmation of what will necessarily be, by what was said before, a product of subjectivity of what already is in itself subjective.

the real and the unreal, the concrete and the abstract are to me confusing dualities. an abstraction

an abstraction does not ceases, therefore, to be a real object and a realistic painting is, given the right distance, a beautiful mix of material, brush strokes and texture which bring it close to plastic abstraction.


in some way i belive that all thought, and therefore, also the artistic thought, has its origin in what we understand as real. all the imagined, dreamed or invented has its real referal, more or less deformed by the criative thought caprice. even the forms apparently more abstract and incomprehensible flow from a brain full of references and real memories, textures and natural or artificial shapes, but even these last ones are inspired by the firsts.

i think that the human imaginative-creative universe is built by absorption of the real image, taken in its broadest sense. the way how each artist transforms it into an object of art is what we call artistic language, and this is, as in humans, multiple and diverse. and herein lays its grandness.” rómulo celdrán