xawery wolski

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exhibitions at arthobler

2013moon cathedral


xawery wolski is interested in the land as a material. He considers it as a link to the basis of man's relationship with the city and its summary. his pieces represent dialogues between architecture and the city, the main link between space and time, between the reality and what we dream.

his sculptures blend the knowledge of technique and matter. the preference for land is due to the building of his work from the nature of the place that houses it. his work blends the organic with the geometric in trials that circulate around the apprehension of time in urban areas where the glance is intertwined with the other perspectives.

the work of wolski is so characterized by a profound simplicity and it consolidates a fusion between a remote past and the present. wolski's work approximates an ancestral sculptural tradition in which he synthesizes simple forms and roughly geometric shapes in order to represent specific ideas and concepts. notwithstanding this tradition and wolski's use of antique techniques to create his sculptures, the artist has generated a body of work with a contemporary vision imbued with a complex spiritual and reflective energy.

wolski's drawings are loosely connected to his sculptural work. these drawings are sometimes sketched with humour and invite us think of images that spring forth from our memory; its questions and its meanings.