amador - clouds

22th january - 30st march 2016

Amador is a passionate creator and works with experimental and industrial materials that are builing sensory atmospheres and spaces that encourage reflection and provoke the senses.

In the center of our exhibition Amador is presenting the installation CLOUDS, a work made with different elements of resin and artificial light. This intervention leads the visitors in a world of sensations, by using various colors and textures that create a hypnotic atmosphere. This world is bordering the unreality and brings out feelings that we only contemplate as imagined. If we know the art of sky created by the aurora borealis or the aurora australis or another phenomena of the nature, this time Amador invites the viewer to reverse the equation to make us know the sky of art. Amador is creating a sky that becomes real to our consciousness and nourishes and enriches our imagination.

Amador was born 1957, he lives and works in Pollença Mallorca. His work is represented in various Museums, art centers and shown in international art fairs. Among many group- and solo exhibitions in galleries, his work was shown at CAC Malaga, Pilar I Juan Miró Foundaton Palma, Kobe Museum Berlin and Kunstmuseum Bonn.