daniela schönbächler - detox

6th june - 31st august 2015

Removal of toxic substances from a living organism, this is the puritanical definition of detoxification respectively DETOX. Concerning this subject matter Daniela Schönbächler has created a conceptual installation, which leads to contemplate on the abundance and consumption in our western structures of society. The «addiction» in consuming more and more, does implicate on gradually dissolving and rationalizing away the esteem for the modest and essential, consequently the entire ecosystem of the earth and life will suffer and be put at risk. These reflections motivated Schönbächler to realize a series of works, which will be shown for the first time at DETOX.

The gallery will be spatially isolated, encapsulated, respectively reduced to one room. This has the consequences that views from outside in and inside out are excluded, so that the visitor merely has the opportunity to focus on the metaphoric chosen elements, which sharpens the view and at the same time leaves calmness. After a prolonged observation, the once original utilitarian objects dissolve through transparency and reduction. The installation solely showing minimal traces and it seems, as the past would loose its power, laying bare of shadows without claiming any functionality. The space, characterized by the subtle emptiness, reaches a concrete distinctive aesthetic, which leaves the feeling of experiencing something sublime and pure.

Daniela Schönbächler (*1968 CH) grounded by her interest in investigating innovative ways of creating work in a variety of materials and media, such as installation, photography, text and painting. She exhibited in a number of solo and group shows nationally and internationally, including realizations of several permanent Public Artworks within Switzerland, the UK and Germany. Schönbächler currently lives and works in Venice, London and Switzerland.