darío basso - palimpsest

16th october - 23rd december 2015

"Today, the immediate, impetuous and thoughtless consumption has brought the image into disrepute, has even destroyed it.   -   How can we paint Nature, now,  that  its  representation  does not exist any more?

My paint wants to do it.

In the exhibition Palimpsest Nature is not  represented,  it is present,  it is not an image,  it exists on the canvas, where leaves float on its surface.   But to  allow  us to see, I have  buried  them  under infinite  layers  of varnish, one  coat upon  the  other, in a tantric gesture that gives hint  to its physicality.

What remains is its memory,  the  reminiscence of its trace, prevailing  after a process  of  constant  deletion. Through  each coat, the paintings become the bearers  of a palimpsest, of the layers of  memory that constitute the fraught and painful history of image, and of Nature.

The  traditional  technique of layers  functions  here  as a  Palimpsest, in order to make things  visible and to recuperate life.   -   Imagining  the  image,  veiled by time, is the only way to watch consciously.  Palimpsest or memory residues, is a vehicle to clarify the view.

Paint, a representation in the past, is today a space for reality." Darío Basso

Darío Basso was born 1966, he  lives and works in Madrid.   -   Nature, travels and the meeting of cultures and its influence on history are constant themes in his work. He joins the experiences made during  his journeys in Africa, India, South America and the Middle East with a western vision. - Dario Basso has created during his career an individual and timeless language that has found the interest of many art lovers.