Born in 1981 in Prague, lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic 




2001 - 2006      

Academy of Fine Art, Prague, CZ


studio of New media prof. Michael Bělický ZKM Karlsruhe


residency in Famu - institute of Animation creation, Prague, CZ

2002 - 2004      

studio of New media Veronika Bromová, Prague, CZ

2001 - 2002      

studio of Monumental creation prof. Aleš Veselý, Prague, CZ

1996 - 2000      

Václav Hollar School of Art. Figurative drawing, painting,  sculpture, ceramic, advertising and computer graphics, printing graphics techniques, Prague, CZ 

1994 - 1995      

integral secondary school Náhorní, domain Advertising artist, Prague, CZ 

Individual exhibition



“Landscape”, gallery Hunt Kastner, Prague CZ


“3E”, Arthobler gallery, Oporto, Portugal

            Prague House, Brussels, Belgium

 “Cultures – Viajem”, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Montevideo, Uruguay


„Sediment II“ Arthobler gallery, Oporto, Portugal

„Sediment II“ Arthobler gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

„Sediment“ Galerie Alain Le Gaillard, Paris, France

Processes, „Active Sediment, Processes, Auras of Communities”, Trafo gallery, Prague, CZ



Group Exhibitions



Spotlights”, ESSL Museum, Wien, Austria

Frameart Festival, Guimaraes, PT, invited artist in residence


Spaceship Earth”,  Statek Kosmiczny Ziemia, CSW Center of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey, gallery Arthobler Portugal

The Solo Project, Basel, Switherland, gallery Arthobler Portugal

Czech Grotesk II, Prague, CZ

JUSTMAD2, Madrid, gallery Arthobler, Portugal

Una Nueva Aventura, SIART Biennale 11, curated by Norma Campos Vera, Fundación Visión Cultural, La Paz, Bolivia

Výběr/Selection, Mikulov Symposium, curated by Petr Zubek, Galerie Malostranská beseda; Prague

Lichtströme, Illuminationsfestival Koblernz, Germany,  organized by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll

Contemporary Czech Video Art, Piazzetta of the National Theatre, Prague Quadriennale, Prague, CZ

PAF festival, New York, USA


And Writers, Nanjing Biennale, “Fossil, Generator p-730″, Nanjing, China
Plan project 10, “Trip”, Köln, Germany
Gwangju Biennale – Digifesta 2, „Generator p-730, Fossil”, Gwangju City Museum, Korea
Roppongi Art Night, „Generator p-730, Trip, Cultures”,  Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Transgression, „Ayahuasca”, Videotage – Asia’s Media Art Organisation,  Hong Kong
Po Sametu, “Fossil”, City Gallery Prague – The Golden Ring House, Prague, CZ

Munich Contempo, international art fair Munich, Germany, with Arthobler Gallery

Repair – ready to pull the lifeline, Ars Electronica 2010 Linz, Austria

DIGIFESTA 2010, curated by Wo-nil Rhee, Gwangju Biennial, Korea, Gwangju City Museum

The Solo Project, Basel Switzerland, gallery Arthobler, Lisbon, Portugal

ARCO’10 Madrid, gallery Arthobler, Portugal (curated invitation)

EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China, representation for Czech Republic


Videonale 12, „Trip“, Bonn, Germany

„Reactor“, Vernon Project, Prague, CZ

Spark Festival, „Ayahuasca“, Minneapolis, United States of America

Pulse Art fair, „Active Sediment, Reactor“, New York, United States of America

Second Nature, „Liana“, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ

Spestator Novus, „Trip, Activ sediment”, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ

Zlínský salon mladých, „Reactor”, Zlín, CZ

Nanoscope, „Ayahuasca, Activ sediment”, DOX, Prague, CZ

Eccentric Paths, „Ayahuasca“, (Curator Sarolta Schredl) „Arsenals“ Museum of art in Riga, LVL

My Europa, „video Trip“, EESC, Brussel, Belgium

My Europa, „video Trip“, DOX, Prague, CZ

Waldburger gallery, „Reactor”, Brussel, Belgium

Nanoscope, „Active Sediment“, University of science, Pardubice, CZ

Po Sametu / After the Velvet, “Fossil”, City Gallery Prague. The Golden Ring House, Prague CZ

GEH 8, Our house is your house, “Babylon plant”, Dresden, Germany

Austrian Culture Forum,1989: The End of History or the Beginning of the Future, “Generatot p-730”, New York, USA

Narracje,  Installations and Interventions in Public Space, “Trip”, Gdansk, Poland


Names, graffiti and street art festival, Prague, CZ

Arte Fiera, ”Brainstorming, Time crust”, Bologna, Italy

Jung and digital, ”Ayahuasca, Brainstorming”, Byblos gallery, Verona, Italy

Code 5808, ”Trip”, Laterna Magika, Prague, CZ

Next art fair, ”Ayahuasca, Trip”, Chicago, United States of America

Affirmation Art Space, ”Ayahuasca, Trip, Culture”, presentation of Tina-B festival, New York, United States of America

Hot Art Fair, ”Trip, Brainstorming”, Basel, Switzerland

Art Fair, ”Trip, Brainstorming”, during Film Festival in Cannes, France

Sanghaj Art Fair, ”Ayahuasca, Active sediment”, China

Beijing Art Salon, Ayahuasca, Active sediment”, China

Tina-B, ”Reactor”, International festival, alternative space in Prague, CZ

Second Nature, „Liana“, Pardubice, CZ


Arte Fiera Bologna, ”Babylon Plant”, first price of Euromobil, in collaboration with Vernon Gallery, Italy

5+kk, ”Adela” – 3D projection object, Trafo gallery, Prague, CZ

Tina-B, ”Cultures” , International festival, Prague, CZ

Laterna Magika Theatre, ”Cultures” , a continual installation in the glass of entry, Prague, CZ

Artissima Art Fair, ”Fossil”, Turin, Italy

Essl Museum , ”Babylon Plant” – Essl award 2. prize, Klosterneuburg/Wienn, Austria

Museum Colecção Berardo, ”Babylon Plant”, Lisbon, Portugal

International biennale Florence, ”Liana”, 3. prize, Florence, Italy

Space for imagination, ”Generator p-730”, National Gallery, Prague, CZ

Artissima Art Fair, ”Fossil”, Turin, Italy

2006   Mycelium, ”Cultures”, Gallery Montanelli, Prague, CZ

”Plant Flower”, old hall of train station, Plzeň, CZ

Diploma work, ”Babylon Plant”, National Gallery, Prague, CZ

Academy of Science, ”Liana”, Prague, CZ

Trafačka Arena, ”Fungus”, Prague, CZ

Viper festival Basel 06, ”Generator p-730” , Basel, Switzerland

Sperm festival, ”Generator p-730”, club Abaton, Prague, CZ

Transmediale Berlin, ”Generator p-730”, Berlin, Germany

NEMO festival, ”Generator p-730”, Paris, France

Millenium Dialogue, ”Generator p-730”, Beijing, China



GENERATOR  Transmediale.06 video selection - screenings


Netwerk/centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Aalst (be)

Sala Alterna, Bogota (co)

Medienhaus Hannover, Hannover (de)

Electrofringe, Newcastle (au)

Code:Blue Exhibition, Beijing (cn)
M_MULTIMEDIA / Amantes Art Space, Torino (it)
IZOLENTA / 06, St. Petersburg (ru)
Athens Video Art Festival, Athens (gr)
Anigma 2006, Novosibirsk (ru)
[], Basel (ch), Minsk (by)
28.03.06            T E S L A im Podewils’schen Palais, Berlin (de)


Viper festival Basel, ”Holmes” , Basel, Switzerland

Entermultimediale – festival by CIANT, ”Generator p-730”, Prague, CZ

Aerokraťas – festival of short films, ”Generator p-730”, Aero cinema, Prague, CZ

Essl Award, ”Generator p-730”, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Wienn, Austria

Autostadt Screen, ”Generator p-730”, Wolfsburg, Germany

OPTRONICA - festival of short films, ”Generator p-730”, London, Great Britain


”Swimmers on subway”, a video performance in subway station, Prague, CZ


”Faces of the City”, animation in the subway, Prague, CZ

2002 – 2006

Live VJ video performances to music


”Nest”, a suspended sculpture in The National Gallery, Prague, CZ

”Forests Towns”, visualizations of Architectonical Projects

1998 – 2006            

Alternative parties, workshops, Tower (tree house), Veltrusy by Prague, CZ

1992 – 2006            

”Tower (tree house)”, Real Forest constructions, Veltrusy by Prague, CZ




Personal Catalogue 2008

Texts  by Jakub Nepraš,  translations by Steven Rusling, Marek Tomin, designed by Jakub Nepraš, Jakub Sýkora, edited by Vernon gallery






Zlínský salon mladých, catalogue of exhibition, Zlín, CZ

Spectator novus, catalogue of exhibition, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ

Second Nature, catalogue of exhibition, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ


Second nature, catalogue of exhibition, Východočeská gallery, Pardubice, CZ

Names, catalogue of graffiti and street art festival, Prague, CZ

Tina-B, catalogue of international festival, Prague, CZ


”5+kk”, catalogue of exhibiton, Trafo gallery, Prague, CZ

Essl Award, catalogue of exhibition, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Wien, Austria

Museum Colecção Berardo, catalogue of exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal

International biennale Florence, ”Liana”, 3. prize, Florence, Italy

Tina-B, catalogue of international festival, Prague, CZ


Diploma work, ”catalogue of diploma works from Academy of Fine Arts, National Gallery, Prague, CZ


Essl Award, catalogue of exhibition, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Wien, Austria





ESSL AWARD 2007 for Central and Southeast Europe, Kloster Neuburg, Austria

ESSL Museum, Wien, Austria

1º Price Euromobil 2007 Artefiera, Bologna, Italy

ESSL AWARD 2006, Prague, Czech Republic

BERARDO Collection – Museum, Lisbon, Portugal

ARTPHILEIN Foundation, Vaduz, Lichtenstein

National Gallery in Prague, CZ

Mikulov Collection, Mikulov, CZ

Nomas Foundation, Collezione Raffaella e Stefano Sciarretta, Roma, Italy


Jakub Nepraš work is included in private collections in Europe, USA and the Far East.