JAKUB NPERAŠ - natural selection

24th august - 30st september 2016

The designation “Natural Selection” has been established by the British scientist Charles Darwin. In his theories the struggle for existence through natural selection and variation explains the evolution of all organism and the division in different species during Earth History.
Natural selection is an aspect of the science of evolution and responsible for the ongoing evolution and adaptation to life. It is the driving force for all evolutionary progress and diversity of life and arise new forms and species.The “backbone” of the hanging sculpture is a dry and snaggy root wood on which different elements are nesting. These elements try to defend their space on the strange “planet”, they huddle against each other, they merge and grow together – natural materials, industrially produced components, glass, light and reflection are building a homogeneous unit, a new vibrant organism.
Jakub Nepraš was born 1981 in Prague where he continues living and working. The artist got his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and won shortly after the ESSL Award. Since 2005 his is regularly presenting his works in galleries, art events and museums. His works are integrated in important private collections and museums and are shown at international art fairs