peter schlör - light shift

 22nd january - 30st march 2015

“The special sensibility for natural light in the landscape is distinguishing the photographic work of Peter Schlör. Already for his photos of the last years, light has been playing an essential role – apart from the photographic conversion of individual landscape elements into black and white tonality. In his early photos, his focus has been directed mostly to distinctive shadows that shaped the landscapes. In his newer images Peter Schlör preoccupies especially with the quality of light. Analogies to the paintings of the old masters are obvious, in which light played an essential role in the composition of the images. Through this, his work stands out of the majority of contemporary photographic oevres, which only occasionally are dealing with the phenomenon of light (…).


As in the landscape paintings of the Dutch masters of the 17thcentury, in which for the whole composition only the light separates the earth from the sky, the hills from the clouds, the valleys from the mountains. Today still prevails the same conditions  for the “record” of an image as at that time, the holding still, the careful observation, a self taking back and incorruptible, neutral watching, that is free of concrete expectations.”


Peter Schlör (born 1964) is living in Mannheim. His works are presented since more than twenty years in numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries and at international art fairs. His works are included in various European art collections, as for ex. DZ Bank Frankfurt, Altana AG Bad Homburg, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Hugo Boss Art Collection Metzingen, European Patent Office Munich, Peter & Alison Klein Collection Nussheim, Landesgalerie Oberöstreichisches Landesmusteum Linz, UBS Zurich, Artphilein Foundation Vaduz a.a.