pedro calapez - platform

9th april - 29th mai 2016

“D’un côté donc, l’espace contient des opacités, des corps et objets, des centre d’action efférentes et d’énergies effervescentes, des lieux cachés, voire impénétrables, des viscosités, des trous noirs. De l’autre, il offre des suites, des ensembles d’objets, des enchainements de corps, de sorte que chacun en découvre d’autres, qui glissent sans cesse du non-visible au visible, de l’opacité á la transparence.”                                   

Henri Lefebvre - La production de l’espace

The notion of platform is involving multiple concepts. It may evoke territorial definitions, a district, a place with identifiable affinities, in architecture or engineering it defines a horizontal structure, in informatics it defines specific software functionalities and in a discussion it means the set of references that serve as a place to exchange ideas, a platform of understanding and knowledge.

The works of this exhibition are based on the dialogue between different layers or platforms of colour. It is as if the knowledge of our involving space could be constructed by the disposition of layers, visually identified, that question the distance between them or the modifications that provokes the interaction between colours. It is as if the “near” or “far” would result from the opposition of structures, some more or less disfigured, that appear in places which are visually overlapped plans or distant horizons and are loosing their apparent independency.

Through my work I intend to open a dialogue with the notion of space, of architecture, the perception of distance, the outlines that hold the painted surfaces, the reading time that each image is visually suggested to us.  And with this I would like to start a discussion on the integration of view on an imaginative platform that is created by the act of placing lines, layers and colours on a surface, from the opacity to the transparency.

Pedro Calapez was born 1953 in Lisbon where he continues living and working. His works are internationally exhibited since the 80ies in many important museums and galleries. He has participated 1986 at the Venice Biennale and 1987 and 1991 at the São Paulo Biennale.