robert schad - rigid dance

22nd may - 15th july 2014

Robert Schad’s artistic style centers around dialogic interactions between opposing forces. The attempt to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable is what drives him forward while the relation between line and space plays an essential role. His sculptures appear to be simultaneously open and closed, dynamic and static, light- and heavyweight, unstable and stable.

The consistent focus on the line and, in this regard, on finding ways to solve elementary problems in the sculpting process, his systematic realization of intended messages as well as his resolute choice of material have put Robert Schad among a small group of outstanding sculptors of the 20thand 21stcenturies who work in a similar way.

Mirroring myriad aspects of human existence, the environment, architecture, habitat and space as a entity in itself, his works touch on essential questions with regard to modern-day society, the mores of which are increasingly being called into doubt or rather appear to be crumbling. With his abstract forms, Schad strives to release primal forces and communicate existential experiences. But instead of choosing a natural material to work with, he prefers steel as the epitome of industrial progress. As a result of Schad’s fundamentally dialectic approach, he continually calls the relevance and topicality of his own work into question and draws from this the energy that gives rise to creative processes.

(Annette Reich – summary text “Why steel? Robert Schad’s Spatial Lines”)