schwerelos - drawing now

23th october - 29th november 2014

Drawings  and works on / with paper are in the focus of our exhibition and join artists from different cultural backgrounds.


Rómulo Celdrán (1973 Spain) presents new drawings of his series ZOOM. Celdrán's work surprise by his amazing manual capacity and virtuosity and are often raising a smile. 

Joël Andrianomearisoa (1977 Madagascar) belongs to the group of promiment African artists. He works in a wide range of media and is not willing to be categorisized. His works shift between art, haute courture, architecture, multi media, performance and installation.  But despite of this rich variety his work remains absolutely distincive - dark and sensitive and of great beauty and simplicity.

Diego Mallo's (1973 Spain) drawings  of the series "Baugespanne" have their origin in his recidency at the ateliers of the Kunsthaus Aussersihl in Zürich last year.  With these skillful images, Diego Mallo is constructing silent, carefully  balanced moments of absurd situations. 

The vivid images from Haleh Zahedi (1982 Iran) reveal often familiar beings - animals, trees etc. - but they are at the same time confusing. Her figures remain in a continuous flow, irrational things are breaking the surface while familiar elements are slipping away.