zorn & zärtlichkeit

4th september - 6th october 2015

Anne Pantillon 

Cecília Paredes

Dana Zámečniková

The carefully balanced composition of form and color is running like a golden thread through the work of Anne Pantillon (Switzerland). But for the actual work she was searching for new ways. Inspired by her strong sonore sensibility and the influence of sound and noise, she used her own body as instrument to work on the surface of the canvas. Through this she created vehement and equally sensitive compositions of abstract images. 

For the photo-performances of Cecília Paredes (Peru) skin and body become the surface of the image. The artist's body gets carefully painted by her assistants  and than photographed. In her photos her skin and body are transformed into an anthropomorphic image of animals, plants or landscapes - body and nature merge. 

Dana Zámečniková (Czech Republic) says about her work: “My inspiration is almost always the same. It is what I know well: friends, relationships, relationships between men and women. My personal ones and the general ones, those of the present, and the past.” Dana Zamečniková paints and draws people, animals, moments, memories, places on sheets of glass or acrylic and joins them to intense, multilayered constructions of images.